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What is the Enrolment process?

Our course pages provide comprehensive information to choose the course required and explain what’s needed.

When booking a course for your employees, contractors you will need to ensure they meet the course entry requirements before making payment, we provide comprehensive information on each of the course pages.

When you arrive on the registration/ payment page you can choose how many places you need to book. As you increase the numbers new sections will be displayed in line with the number of students you select.

Student information required for registration is minimal being First name, Last Name and a unique email for each student. (Two students cant use the same email)

The last step is make payment with your preferred card.At this stage your registration/ payment is complete.

The person that paid will receive a tax invoice. (This may take up to 15 mins to arrive in your inbox.) This may go to Junk/ Spam folder so not a bad idea to check if not received.

The student will receive an email titled AMS Training Enrolment Link (Please complete3) This may go to Junk/ Spam folder so not a bad idea to check if not received.

This email provides the student with a link to complete their online enrolment form, upload a copy of their ID, USI Number and a copy of their VET Transcript with QR code. Further details on course pages and FAQ page.

Should the student miss any of the evidence during the enrolment process AMS will email the student requesting any missing evidence.

AMS will validate entry requirements have been provided.

The student will receive an email Access to Student Portal this email provides login instructions to the student, This may go to Junk/ Spam folder so not a bad idea to check if not received. Once the student has logged in they can access the course in their LMS Profile (Learning Management System).

What is VET Transcript?

Your VET Transcript lists your previous nationally accredited training it commenced 1/1/2015 so if your training was completed before 1/1/2015 it will not show on your VET Transcript.

When getting your VET Transcript be sure to set a viewable date this will ensure the QR code is displayed allowing AMS Training to verify your evidence is true and correct.

To download your VET Transcript, complete with QR code go to the USI Student Portal and follow the instructions.

If you need help to download your VET Transcript complete with QR code, please call the USI Team on 1300 857 536 you will need to request a copy of your VET Transcript advise them it needs to include your QR Code and ask them to email it to yourself. Once received email us a copy.

What is USI Number?

A USI is your individual education number for life. It also gives you an online record of your VET, Vocational education and training undertaken in Australia. Students must have a unique student identifier (USI) to obtain their nationally accredited Statement of Attainment.

To apply for a USI number, go to If you have undertaken any VET training since 2015, you may already have a USI. Find it now